Home Staging: Before and after what a difference!

before and after home staging

Home Staging: Before and after what a difference!

By Anna Topolinsky

In the last 8 years, we have staged many homes.  We love looking at the before and after pictures as yo can see such a huge transformation. Some, like our vacant model homes are easy to stage. Our favorite types of homes to stage are vacant homes, where investors have put sweat and tears into remodeling and creating beautiful finishes.

On the other hand, occupied homes can be a little challenging to stage at times.  Working with homeowners, we guide and advise how to prepare their home to sell and where to invest their budget so they can receive the most return on their investment (ROI).

before and after home staging before and after home staging







The listing agent recommended us to Mary the homeowner, and we quickly made an appointment for a consultation. During our two and half hour consultation, Mary received an extensive consultation with advice on which renovations to implement depending on the budged and which renovations would receive the best ROI.

All five bedrooms had old and outdated carpets. We know that flooring is a great area to invest in since it gives the homeowner great return on their investment. To keep cost down, because there was so much to do, master bedroom carpets were removed and replaced with hardwood. In the remaining, four bedrooms new carpets were installed and the once lovely pink carpets were removed from the living room and hardwood matching the master bedroom was installed. For both rooms we took our cue from the living room’s beautiful dark, wood pillars choosing hardwood that matched and complimented the space.

before and after home staging before and after home staging

The kitchen cabinets had been once stained forest green! The look was dated, but the bones were great and with the flooring in good shape, once the cabinets received a fresh coat of paint and new hardware, it was unbelievable how this kitchen transformed. It looked like it was brand new. One of the most economical upgrades a homeowner can do to prepare their home to sell is painting and simply doing the cabinets here was enough.

Freshly painted walls will yield you one of  the highest return in your investment, so this beautiful home was painted throughout with a light neutral gray paint color.

before and after home staging        before and after home staging

With the renovations complete it was time to stage! In order to keep the staging investment reasonable we incorporated the client’s furniture. We blended in our accessories and art work in some rooms, and in other, vacant rooms, we brought in full furnishings to create the wow factor that says, “I should be in a magazine!”

There is a misconception that home staging to sell will cost thousands of dollars, but in practical terms, the investment is generally in the 0.05% – 1% range of the list price and can yield anywhere from 3%- 10% or more in return.

This home was listed for over one million dollars. On the high end in Niagara it wasn’t expected to sell quickly, even in the current, extremely hot, sellers market. To everyone’s surprise it did sell quickly, and selling close to asking, it set a precedent in the neighbourhood that will affect other home listings in the future.

What wasn’t surprising was that Mary and her family were, at first a little nervous to make the investment required to make this home spectacular, but with wise council they understood that the investment was far less than the 1st price reduction they no doubt would of been doing before the house sold.

Prior to renovations and staging, the listing price being was discussed was much, much less than the final listing price.

The before and after pictures clearly show why this home sold quickly!

Images Staged with Flair

Stage your home! Sell your home!


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