FACT: Increasing your home’s value compensates for any home staging costs.

Our Staging Services

Staging your home maximizes your home’s curb appeal, traffic flow, lighting and furniture placement. Images Staged with Flair offers three easy steps to staging your home.

1. Consultation

When you invite us to your home to perform a room by room thorough inspection of your property, addressing outside curb appeal and working our way to the interior of your home, the process can take up to 2-3 hours.

At the end you receive a comprehensive report of recommendations for preparing your property to sell. Additionally we take the time to review your report with you. Consultations start at $200.00 plus hst

2. Recommendations 

Initially we recommend a budget range for optimal effect. At Images Staged with Flair we accommodate your budget and any recommendations we provide are reflected in your budget.

Once dates are in place, if the work recommended during the consultation can not be completed by the homeowner in time, we provide a list of qualified skilled trades including Painters, Electricians, Plumbers, Flooring installers, Landscapers, or any skilled trade required to prepare your home to be market ready.

At times we are also be able to guide you with suggestions on choosing the best Realtor for your needs or provide contact information to other professionals we partner with.

3. Staging

Once all of the recommendations have been completed, Images Staged with Flair returns to stage your property. We do this by working with your existing furniture and accessories, or by choosing from our inventory of rental furniture, artwork and accessories that we have available.

We neutralize the decor, de-personalize the atmosphere and create an illusion of maximum space. We promise to stage your home with a design that appeases your target home buyer demographic. Images staged with Flair is constantly updating our warehouse with furnishings and accessories that accommodate any style home.

You are welcome to take a look at our Portfolio to see the latest homes staged, and take a look at the results our clients experience when selling their staged properties.

If you want your home designed to sell, we have the home staging resources you need. From hiring staging contractors to home staging furniture rental, you can do the “heavy-lifting” or we can!

Staging packages for  owner occupied homes

Consultation:    2-3 hour room by room consultation including a written report                                                                                    $200.00 

Package 1:        3 room staging only  (excluding rental furniture and accessories) starting at                                                               $699.00

Package 2:        3 rooms  accessories only ( area rugs, lamps,art work, pillows) excluding any  furniture starting at                            $799.00

Package 3:        3 rooms, accent pieces of  furniture(small pieces only), and accessories ( area rugs, lamps, art work,                            silk plants, pillows)  starting at $1350.00

Package 4:      5 rooms, accent pieces of furniture( small pieces only), and accessories(area rugs, lamps, art work, silk                                plants, pillows) starting at   $1650.00 

 Staging packages for vacant homes

Package 1:       2 rooms inclusive of all furniture, art work, area rugs, lamps, and accessories, starting at                                           $1550.00

Package 2:       3 rooms inclusive of all furniture, art work, area rugs, lamps, and accessories starting at                                            $2075.00                                                                                           

Package 3:       5 rooms inclusive of all furniture, art work, area rugs, lamps, and accessories starting at                                             $2995.00

All prices do not include HST and there is a two room minimum 

Please contact us and see how you can qualify for a free home staging consultation… a $200.00 value for FREE!

Not sure if your home selling process should include staging your home for sale?

We can help.