Steps to Lake Ontario,

Steps to Lake Ontario with spectacular views!

Relax and take a break with your favorite book and a glass of wine. This is la Bella vita…

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Images Staged with Flair a year in review

Take a look at our video,  Images Staged with Flair, a year in review. This year proves to be a phenomenal Real Estate Year that has proven to show fantastic growth in Niagara area properties. That growth created a trickle effect that spilled to other businesses that are involved in Real Estate.

Well, here we are another year has gone by and we are celebrating another Christmas holiday season and winding down the end of a fantastic year 2106. Hello my name is Anna Topolinsky owner of Images Staged with Flair, take a look at or video of some of the homes we staged this year. we were fortunate to work with top Realtors(R) Home Builders, such as Eric Wiens Construction and Bice Builders, both building quality custom homes.

We discovered that this year was the year that we worked with many home investors that buy, renovate, stage and sell. These investors have realized the importance of incorporating  home staging into their budget as a very smart investment, knowing they will receive the best RIO on their money spent.

We would like to wish all or clients the very best for the Holiday Season and we look forward to 2017!

Images Staged with Flair





Does the “Counter” affect the “Offer”?

 One common question I hear from clients when offering consultation is, ”Should I replace my countertops?”

If your countertops are damaged, no matter the price point of your home, they should be replaced. No one will purchase a home that is not well cared for. If they do, they expect a much lower purchase price. It would cost less to replace the countertops.

home staging dead


Another downside to not replacing them is that most potential buyers are in the market for move-in ready. So even if you lower the price to accommodate, you are more likely to lose some potential offers altogether.

So the next question is, “What do I replace the counter with?”

Will updated Formica do?  There is granite, quartz, Butcher block, and so many, many choices.  The answer is based on a few questions about the property.


What is the condition of your home?

What are the comparables in the area?

If your home is in good shape and has had many upgrades throughout then having updated counters will give you the edge to show your home as move in ready.

There are many grades of granite at different price points, so your choice should depend on the price point of your home. In $200 and $300-thousand and under, stone countertops are not typically expected but would give you the edge over your competition. If your price point is more than $300.000  plus then most buyers are looking for granite and are willing to pay extra.

home staging


Last consideration when  replacing countertops is the condition of your kitchen cabinets. They should be solid and in good condition. Shiny new counters, especially a higher-end countertop like granite, added on top of dated old cabinets makes those cabinets stick out like a sore thumb and just serves to highlight how awful they really are.

So clean them up, replace the hardware, re-stain and/or paint the cabinetry and it will compliment those beautiful new stone countertops and make your investment shine.

If you have a question for “Ask The Home Staging Expert”, please contact 

Images Staged with Flair


Home Staging: Before and after what a difference!

before and after home staging

Home Staging: Before and after what a difference!

By Anna Topolinsky

In the last 8 years, we have staged many homes.  We love looking at the before and after pictures as yo can see such a huge transformation. Some, like our vacant model homes are easy to stage. Our favorite types of homes to stage are vacant homes, where investors have put sweat and tears into remodeling and creating beautiful finishes.

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The Big Move for Images Staged with Flair

home staging

The Big Move for Images Staged with Flair.

By Anna Topolinsky, Owner of Images Staged with Flair


 We needed to make the big move!It is no secret that the housing market in the Golden Horseshoe has been hot! Hotter than most people can remember it ever being. Prices are up and it has been a busy year for Real Estate Brokers, Home Builders, Property Investors, Stagers like us, and Movers too!

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Six costly staging mistakes in preparing your home for a quick sale and high profit.

home staging blog

Written by Anna Topolinsky

De-cluttering and cleaning jobs are high on the list that real estate professionals recommend to home and property sellers.

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Home Renovations require a Top-Notch Team, and Images Staged with Flair has the Best in Niagara

Home Renovations require a Top-Notch Team, and Images Staged with Flair have the Best in Niagara.

By Anna Topolinsky, Owner


Providing valuable home staging services and home renovations requires a network of trusted professionals.  Home staging companies must continually work to create, modify and update a large roster of businesses with multiple areas of expertise that meet and exceed customer expectations.

images staged with flair

All business are dynamic and changes in management or process can affect service levels. If any of our partner companies fall short of our exacting standards, under perform in customer service or fail to deliver on time, on budget and on spec, they are subject to removal.

By retaining only the top trades and supports, we are confident clients will be extremely satisfied with their staging and home renovations. Images Staged with Flair must offer unique solutions, designed to sell that require a different mix of services for every client. To achieve maximum returns for you, we must be the best and everyone we work with must be the best.

Exceptional service provider, Kevin from Assit-u-move, has been a pivotal part of our growth and a great home staging resource. Kevin and his crew are always courteous, professional, dependable and flexible. Last minute moves and client requested changes never set them back. The care and concern for clients and their property are exemplary and they stand the stereotypical image of the surly mover on its head.

Korson Furniture supports us in ways that the customer doesn’t see every day. Owner Sheila Harvey brings a wealth of knowledge. I have had the opportunity to hear her speak at our Real Estate Staging Association Hamilton meeting and she always has time to promptly return calls, which is so important when deadlines are looming.

One thread that runs through all the trades and service providers and supports that are needed to complete a properly staged home is that they value their businesses as much as I do my own. Building up a fabulous team has been an ongoing process that began when we did, 8 years ago. I am thankful for their hard work, and  professionalism because at the end of the day our client is not interested in how we staged a house for sale, but how that staged house sells.

About Assist –U- Move

Assist-U-Move is owned by ex-military man Kevin David, features prompt courteous local moving service as well as long distance moves within Ontario. Specializing in Houses and Apartments, Assist-U-Move will quote jobs or a per hour basis or by flat rate. References available on request, for more information


About Korson Furniture Designs

Korson Furniture Design designs, customizes, imports and distributes quality home furnishings to top tier and mid-level furniture retailers and interior designers across Canada. These valued partners share our dedication to the highest level of customer service and quality.  Our selection of distinctive furniture and accent pieces represents the most inspirational and finely-crafted pieces available today. From modern euro-style to the timeless appeal of traditional designs, we offer a world of innovative and exciting new possibilities!

Korson furniture

Images Staged with Flair

66 Facer Street

St.Catharines, Ontario

l2m 5j2


Anna Iapicco Topolinsky


Images Staged with flair biggest project for 2015


Images Staged with Flair biggest project for 2015

This was our biggest project for the year 2015. Homeowners were relocated and rented this home. Tenants did a lot of damage and homeowners had to decide if they were selling as is or if they were going to spend the money to have the home renovated before they sell. Images Staged with Flair, we have a list of trades that we work with and trust. Their work s second to none and they are willing to work with the clients budget in mind. New hardwood throughout, some renovations in master bath, new flooring in master bedroom, new granite in 3 bathrooms and kitchen, new flooring in master bath, new garage doors, fresh paint throughout and staging. This home sold in first week.

Images Staged with Flair is located in St.Catharines, Ontario, we service the Niagara Region and surrounding areas, Niagara Falls, Thorold, Stevensville, Ridgeway, Grimsby, Vineland, Stoney Creek, Welland, Fort Erie, Fonthill, Pelham, Wainfleet, Port Coulborne and Hamilton.


I love St.Catharines

I love living in St. Catharines! Originally from Salerno, Italy, my family immigrated from there when I was 8 years old. Although I think my home country is the one of the most beautiful countries in the world (especially the Amalfi Coast!),  I am now very proud to call Canada home, having lived here for over 40 years..oops I just gave away my age!!  

niagara falls    niagara on the lake

Growing up in the St.Catharines/Niagara area was fantastic, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls when ever we wanted, it is a 15 minute drive away.  How can you beat the beauty of that roaring thunder of millions of gallons of water rushing over the cliff creating one of the seven wonders of the world! It truly is amazing!!


We could take a leisurely ride down Lakeshore road or the Niagara Parkway, down to  Niagara on the Lake, and view all the beautiful wineries that tourists visit every year. Once in Niagara on the Lake you are transported back to a beautiful town over looking Lake Ontario,  plenty of quaint little shops with different items to purchase and some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen in the period homes built from yester days. Fantastic restaurants to choose from and again 15 minutes drive from St.Catharines.



Then if we wanted to experience our different cultures of our wonderful country we would drive down to Toronto and experience the variety of ethnic backgrounds and all their wonderful culture, food, art and customs. Toronto has become one of the most coveted cities in the world for tourists to visit, and a top contender when it comes to fashion .

St.Catharines is not a huge metropolitan city but has a population of  about 132.000.00. The boundaries are”north end” that hugs Lake Ontario, the “south end” that boasts our very well known Brock University and the city is divided by the “Queen Elizabeth Highway”. With the size of this city it still amazes me that I often go to the market, local theaters, bank, church and meet kids I grew up with. They to  like myself have left the St.Catharines area for work and other reasons only to come back to their roots, because they loved it so much. 

We have the Welland canal that is amazing to watch the movement of the large ships that move from one canal to another.

port  We have the Welland canal that is amazing to watch the movement of the large ships that move from one canal to another.We have beautiful Port Delhouise that is surrounded by Martindale pond and the scenic views of Lake Ontario.

So as I look back I am so full of great memories that I had growing up in my neighborhood that my husband and I are lucky enough to be raising out two boys just around the corner from where we both  grew up. My children attended the same grade school that my younger brother attended and they are both now in the same High school that I went to as a young girl. Having the opportunity to open a business in my local city was a great experience, Images Beauty Design, opened in March 1992, I have been lucky enough to have had a successful business for over 20 years with fantastic clients who have always been loyal. Images Staged with Flair was created in March 2008( seems I must get bored through the winter) this is a home staging business and has been constantly growing since the beginning and I am excited for the growth in my business that will occur in my  community. St.Catharines is a great place to operate a business.

There are many beautiful cities in the world, they are great to visit but then I would come back home! If I could choose to live anywhere else I would still chose to live in beautiful St.Catharines…. I love St. Catharines/Niagara area for my work, to raise my family and to enjoy life with wonderful friends. 


 Images  Staged with Flair

Stage your home!   Sell your home! 

Anna Topolinsky



Meet St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik

Real Estate. staging, Images Staged with Flair


On Wednesday March 25th Our local Real Estate Staging Niagara Chapter hosted a great event, we were honored to have our very own Mayor Walter Sendzik. We were also excited to have The Furniture Gallery graciously offer their beautiful showroom to use for our venue.

Real Estate. staging, Images Staged with Flair
St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik will speak about “The state of the Niagara Real Estate Market”.Meet and Greet at The Furniture Gallery

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