The Big Move for Images Staged with Flair

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The Big Move for Images Staged with Flair.

By Anna Topolinsky, Owner of Images Staged with Flair


 We needed to make the big move!It is no secret that the housing market in the Golden Horseshoe has been hot! Hotter than most people can remember it ever being. Prices are up and it has been a busy year for Real Estate Brokers, Home Builders, Property Investors, Stagers like us, and Movers too!

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Don’t Look under the Rug and Other Practical Tips for Staging your Home.

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Here are a few practical tips for staging your home. There are some big issues, like the oxblood feature wall, that are best handled through an extensive consultation (if not through a sound psychological examination), but today I’d like to address some short tips I have for you on some niggling little issues you might find when staging your home for sale.

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Six costly staging mistakes in preparing your home for a quick sale and high profit.

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Written by Anna Topolinsky

De-cluttering and cleaning jobs are high on the list that real estate professionals recommend to home and property sellers.

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Most important thing you can do to prepare your home for sale. Clean then clean some more!

Most important thing you can do to prepare your home for sale. Clean then clean some more!

Many times I have surfed MLS and I cannot believe that some of these homes are being photographed and listed in such a terrible manner.

cleaning before stagingI am a Home Stager and have been in business for almost 8 years and have had the privilege to see many homes before they are listed. Some of the  homes that I want to run out of, I am usually kicked in the face with odors that are at times very unbearable or I encounter major clutter, like shoes, hats, gloves, keys etc…. to the point where I am tripping over this clutter. This does not make a great first impression on anyone!

Then there are the occasions when I am pleasantly surprised by a nice odor, and a clean entrance way, only to look at the walls and see that there are small holes, dirt marks and fingerprints that could of been removed by a fresh coat of paint. Almost zero to no investment in cleaning before you list, except for some muscle and time invested, cleaning everything will be the best thing that you could do before listing.

I give credit to homeowners that have watched many t.v. shows that give them ideas on how to prepare their home for sale. With good intention people will de-clutter, take down personalized pictures, but they forget to paint or they think that” new owners are going to paint the walls the colors that they like”. In painting you will invest minimal investment, but painting will yield you one of the best return in your investment.  Paint in soft muted tones, keeping the color the same throughout to create continuity, soft tones are  buyer friendly and they also make a room look fresh and clean.

painting before stagingDon’t forget that two of the most important areas to paint are

1) Front door; if it looks worn and uninviting people will move on, makes the home look not well taken care of and will leave a negative first impression

2) Front entrance inside … that is usually the most used area of the home (unless you have a back entrance  or mud room). This front entrance must be clutter free, clean, painted, bright and welcoming, and maybe your potential buyers                                                                     might just want hang around permanently for years to come!


cleaning before stagingSome clients  ask “Should  a home not look””looked lived in”? Yes it should  is my answer, a sterile cold empty room/home, devoid of any personality is not the best scenario. But does that mean that your potential buyers have to smell what you have had for supper in the last week or smell the little accident that Fido had on the living floor!! So please open your windows let the fresh air in, launder some of those throws that kitty and Fido have been lounging on and freshen them up… remove and discard old worn out mat’s they hold bad odors. Purchase and replace old bed pillows, they are usually flat as pancakes and make a bedroom smell. Pack away toys that are not played with, most of the time the kids have so much they will not miss them. Every square inch of your home needs to be cleaned…and then cleaned again, DO NOT STOP! This must be kept up for the entire length of your listing until you are sold firm!

Enlisting the help of a Certified Home Stager will be a great investment in preparing your home to be market ready. Hiring a  home stager can help you connect with any professional trades that you might need to work with. Most  professional home stager will work with your  occupied home and all your existing furniture, or they will offer you current  furniture and accessories to fully furnish any vacant rooms that you have in your home.










This home was SOLD FIRM in 10 days!